Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A couple of months ago Helene called me on a Saturday to tell me that she had acquired two bunnies.  Tony Elliot, of Snug Harbor Farm, apparently pressured her into it.  "They were so cute when they were little", and, "Tony and I going shopping at Longhorn is bad medicine" are two of the many comments made regarding the purchasing of the two bunnies.  They were quickly installed in the second greenhouse, where space is at a premium during these winter months, in the large rabbit hutch that once belonged to Vijay Singh (there was a golf ball in his side at the time of the naming) and Dennis (Hopper.  C'mon guys).  Their hutch is pictured below.


The two new bunnies were not named right away, and to my knowledge do not have official names to this day.  "Brown Bunny" and "Black and White Bunny" seem to have prevailed.  The non-specific nature of the two new bunnies' names is significant.  They are pictured above, and below:


Just to review, Vijay and Dennis were male bunnies, named appropriately masculine names, and were allowed to hang out, like friends do.  Platonic.  See the above pictured hutch, and its distinct lack of any barrier between the two bunnies' quarters.    

I'll bet you can guess the sex ratio of the two yet-to-be-named bunnies living in the second greenhouse even as I type these words, and I'll bet you can guess the restrictions we placed on their movements within the hutch.  

That's right.  The results are pictured below.

I'm told there are three other bunnies hidden in the hutch that look similar to the strange puff ball above, but I wasn't about to go searching for them after the horror story related to me this morning about baby bunnies spilling all over the place and the subsequent screeching as Helene and Eileen scrambled to keep them from falling from the hutch.

I think it goes without saying that if you're out there and are ready to give a bunny or two a good home, please contact us.  We have too many bunnies.  

And please, if you select more than one, take the naming and separation of your new pets seriously.