Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Blackrock has been providing produce for 50 Local in downtown Kennebunk since they opened.  It has been an honor to grow vegetables for them, and as a small business it is truly special to see a restaurant dedicated to purchasing its food from only local sources.  

Now David and Merilee have opened a new brick oven pizza restaurant with the same mindset and one of the pizzas is named for Blackrock.  

Needless to say, we're honored.  

I'm going to post the entire menu below, just to entice anyone in the area to visiting this cool new place, but first Blackrock would like to wish the best of luck to Owen's as well as 50 Local.  Eating locally is truly important, and as anyone who has ever visited your restaurant can attest, it pays off too.  Cheers!

    Wood Fired Pizza 12 “

Local Whole Wheat add 3 Gluten Free add 4

Blackrock - tomato, mozzarella, spinach, pickled vegetables 9
Harris - meatball, tomato, ricotta, basil 11
Breezy Hill - housemade sausage, spicy pepper, mozzarella, tomato 11
Ewe & I - farm egg,oregano, goat cheese 10
Stone - parsnip, caramelized onions, pickled radish, turnip 9
The O-man - tomato, basil, mozzarella 7
St. Onge - local mushrooms, roasted garlic, leek, pecorino 10

Sunset - Pauls Greens, shaved vegetables, pickles, balsamic 6.5
New Morning -greens, goji berries, quinoa, curry, flax & coconut oil 8
Pullen - chicken salad, greens, pumpkin seed, apple 9
Groundwork - greens, bacon, avocado, egg, blue cheese 9

Small plates
Chicken Parm 9
Meatball Hero 8
Orecchiette, Sausage, Cauliflower 8
Vegetables, Pickles, Chilis 8

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Open House 2012

The Blackrock Farm Open House has been scheduled for May 19, 2012.  You wouldn't believe how much work and time goes in to having this little nursery in top condition after the winter.  Not only do we have pruning and clean up from the winds and snowfall of but we have a lot of tidying to do at the many properties we take care of.  Many of our shrubs have to be stored in unheated greenhouses when the snow flies, and as the temperature rises we are forced to race against time to get them outside before the differences in climate damages them.  Also, many of our trees and shrubs come by bare-root delivery

which means they have to be root-pruned, potted, and fastidiously watered even as the other shrubs are organized and pruned for the upcoming season.  Bare root perennials and plugs also arrive during our preparation time, and since the threat of freezing is ever present in Maine the irrigation system will probably not be reactivated for a few more weeks.  
This might sound like an awful lot of complaining but it's actually a really interesting time to be working at the farm.  There's always a lot to do, and every one of the things on the giant "get ready" list, when completed, really improves the overall look of the grounds.  During the next six weeks you can see a difference with each work day that passes, and as the weather gets better and things begin to bloom the Open House generally arrives at the perfect time.  We always have a few big ticket trees available for sale as well, so if you're looking for an instant impact for your home this is a great day to really have a look at some large scale B&B trees.  
I hope i'll be able to post a few more times before the big day as things really start to get green around here.